The BROUSSARD/BRAUSSARD family tree starting with my paternal grandmother…

1. Mary Louise BROUSSARD b. 1924 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, TX and d. 2001 in St. Louis, MO: She was the daughter of Burness/Burnis/Berniece/Bernice/Byrness/Bernie BROUSSARD Sr. She married Willie Bob GREGORY Sr. b. 1912 in Houlka, Chickasaw County, MS to Willie P GREGORY and Mary E/Mayella STEWART (1) and d. 1970 in St. Louis, MO. Children born to this union: Curtis Allen (my father), Sandra, Deborah, Linda and Willie Bob Jr.

2. Burness/Buness/Burnis/Berniece/Bernice/Byrness/Bernie BROUSSARD Sr. b. 1891 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, LA and d. 1964 in Port Author, Jefferson County, TX. He was married to Setular (2) LOVAN (3) b. 1893 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, LA to John LOVAN Jr and Louise/Louisa ALEXANDER (4) and d. 1984 in St. Louis, MO. Children besides Mary Louise: Alton Bruce, Alston/Elston/Al, Alfred/Alf, Helen Mae, Dorothy Mae, Gladys, Burness Jr, Lawrence/Laurence, Henry George

3. Bazile (5) BROUSSARD b. 1868 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, LA and d. 1945 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, TX: son of Henritette/Henrietta/Harriet RYAS (6) and Destoil (7) BROUSSARD b.? and d.?. He married Mary REVET (8) b. 1870 in LA to unknown parents and d. 1952 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, TX. Children besides Burness: Aaron, Cleveland B, Herbert Bruce, Plush, Beulah, Eveda/Vida/Vita/Vedar/Vder, Edith/Ada

4. Henriette/Henrietta/Harriet RYAS b. 1859 in LA to Orphee/Alford RYAS and Anny/Anna (maiden name unknown) and d.? in ?: She was married to Gustave (9) SIMON (10) b. 1856 in St. Martin, LA and d.? in ?. Henriette's children besides Bazile: Anna DEBLANC (father unknown), Octavie/Octavia SIMON, William/Willie SIMON, Yancy SIMON, Mary SIMON

5. Anny/Anna (maiden name unknown) b. 1821/1827 in LA and d. ? in ?: mother of Henriette/Henrietta/Harriet. She was married to Orphee (11) RYAS b. 1811 in TN and d.? in ?. Children besides Henriette/Henrietta/Harriet: Gabriel/Gabrielle/Gobe, Aimee/Amey/Amy, Evariste/Varice/Vories and Pierre/Peter


1. Variation for Stewart=Steward

2. Variations for Setular=Setuler/Setula/Setulas/Setelar/Satulia/Ciutulia/Selutius. Her obituary indicated that she is a twin. On the 1900 St. Martinville, Louisiana census, I have found that her twin is Cornelius. Both were born on Mar 1891. A cousin told me that family legend has it that Setular’s father was a white sheriff in St. Martinville. She refused to talk about it to the cousin and my grandmother didn’t like to talk about it with me either. Setular’s obituary has her being born in New Iberia but I am only finding her and her parents in St. Martin Parish on the censuses. Cornelius gave his place of birth on his WWI draft card as St. Martinville, Louisiana. I feel that it is safe to conclude that since Setular is his twin, she too was born in St. Martinville and not New Iberia.

3. Variations for Lovan=Lavan/LaVann/Lavenne/Lavene/Levan/Lavant/Lavergne/Lavern/Lovine/Levine

4. Louise/Louisa's maiden name was spelled 2 different ways on the death certificates of her children: A) Willie: Unknown B) Harry: ALEXANDER C) Ed Percy: ABRAM D) Zack/Zike/Zach/Zacharie: ALEXANDER E) Estella/Stella: ALEXANDER

5. Variations for Bazile=Basile/Bazille/Bezile/Bazil/Bazeal/Braziel/Brazil/Brazilio

6. Variations for Ryas=Ryes/Ryos/Rios/Rias/Rius/Rious/Riouse/Riot/Rees/Reis/Rice/Rhys

7. Possible alternate spellings for Destoil: Des Estoile, Destoile, D’estoile, De Stoile, Des Toiles, Destival, Destwal, Des Tois

8. Mary's surname was spelled different ways on the death certificates of her children: A) Aaron: DELEQULET B) Burness Sr: LAVELLE C) Plush: KEVET -- which might be a slight misspelling of REVET D) CLEVELAND: REVET. Another variation is REVETT on the marriage license of Beulah. It also possibly could be CHEROKEE from another family tree I found on but unfortunately it is not sourced and needs to be verified if this was a maiden name, a married name or not one of her surnames at all. On her 1901 marriage certificate to Bazile, her surname was given as RIVETTE. Conclusion: overwhelming documentation that Mary's maiden name is RIVETTE/REVET/REVETT. Unless I find an original birth record or delayed birth certificate that says otherwise.

9. Gustave also used the names Newon/Numa/Luma (please note that these could also be misspellings from transcriptions errors on the censuses)

10. Variations for Simon=Sims/Seymore/Seymour/Cemore

11. Orphee also used the names Orphe/Orphy/Alford/Alfred

5 GENERATION FAMILY TREE CHART (click on the image to view it larger)

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