About Me

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Missouri-
St. Louis (UMSL).

I have an avid interest in Genealogy which began as an adolescent; I was always looking at pictures, wanting to know who the people were and their stories. There were a LOT of pictures to look at since my father was a professional photographer. I think my love of photography comes from him. My mother was a quintessential story-teller and history lover. Most of the oral history about her family AND my father's family comes from her.

This blog was created to help me organize my genealogy research and act as a backup system and repository for all of the information I have collected thus far and will continue to collect. Broussard, Gregory, Sledge, Williams are the main surnames in my family tree but are not excluded to those particular surnames (see this page). Duck and Sanders are the surnames that I am researching for my brother (he has a different father).  I will be adding more names to the family tree as they are found. I intend to upload photos, certificates, newspaper articles, etc., with or without transcription. From time to time I will include my personal observations as well as share my memories of events that occurred in the past and my reactions at uncovering more of my family history.

I pursue genealogy not only to find out who I am and where my antecedents came from but for my descendants: my son and any other children who will inherit from me. This is for the future generations of genealogists in my family. I want to pave the way for them so they will not have to do nearly as much work finding our ancestors as I have. They will have solid roots and continue nurturing the family tree, hopefully growing new limbs and branches as technology becomes increasingly advanced and as more historical documents/pictures are digitized. This is also to help me make connections with family members unknown to me, should they want to establish contact and compare genealogy research.

If you’d like to keep up with new posts, either click “follow by email” or enter your email address (located on the sidebar). Feel free to email me if you have additional information on any of these families or have questions: tara.r.gregory@gmail.com.


  1. alonzo bell (2012-08-20 16:23:02)March 25, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    thank you so much for doing this. it was a delight reading and i will send you info on my father's side(Stewart). would you like that in an email or me mailing you a hard copy?

  2. Tara Gregory (2012-08-20 16:36:33)March 25, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    It is my pleasure! I love doing it and sharing what I nd. I believe that the information should be accessible to ALL
    family. I don't expect a thank you from anyone but I'm equally delighted when family helps me so that I can ll in the
    blanks, nd MORE information and share it! Do you have a scanner? If so, it would be easier to scan what you have,
    save it as .jpg or .pdf le and email it to me. I can always print documents or pictures out if needed. This would not re-
    quire any money on your part (postage or copies) and hopefully easier for you. Let me know if you don't have a scanner.


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